Thursday, June 26, 2014

TBT My Post Valentine's Day Feature at Truthseekers Radio


My spirit sister texted me this picture of Wonder Women and said it reminded her of me. She said I often make this face which cracks me up because I didn't realize that until recently. I also connect with this picture because I get busy often, hence, my sporadic entries.

So it's Thursday and I might as well make a throwback post.

I had my first mini solo art show at Art Form Studio in February. To ramp it up, my good friend Santana had me be a guest DJ the week before. How fitting that it is after Valentine's Day!
The host of Truthseekers Radio, Santana

Jehanne aka DJ Volare was one of the guest DJs in my art show so naturally, I asked her to play a set with me.

Where the magic happens

While being interviewed
Live on the air...

Keone Chong of Truthseekers Radio

I stuck around long enough to check out SoundWaves which came right after our show.

DJ Franchesca Harding

Franchesca and Frank of SoundWaves Radio

If you are interested, here is the whole show in it's entirety

Or just check out my playlist

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