Monday, June 10, 2013

Recap: "Heroes In A Half Shell" TMNT Group Art show at Bar Basic

Stephanie and I were part of the TMNT themed show at Bar Basic by the curators of Thumbprint Gallery in San Diego. My brother and sister were more of a fan than I was but since it was playing on the television, I'd sit with them and watch a few episodes. It was our afternoon bonding time, as we sit with our merienda (tagalog for "afterschool snack) before we dove into our homework.
Being that I always put in my own take even when it comes to fan work, I came up with the concept, "\m/ Zen ROCKS \m/" , taking the concept of zen rocks in Japanese zen gardens and mashing it up with the cartoon series. Splinter was the rat who was their sensei, and he was the one who kept them align. 
The piece is done with acrylics on canvas and it measures 20"x10"x3"
Detail of "\m/ Zen ROCKS \m/"

What the piece looked like while it was hanging on the wall.

Stephanie and I came from LA so we go there just as they were setting up. 
The caliber of work is pretty impressive.

This Stephanie's piece called "Nostalgic Gathering." TMNT pops were very common with ice cream trucks roaming the streets of sunny SoCal. Loved how she took this concept and made it towards her own style of work.

There was another artist who remembers the TMNT ice cream pops!

Krang was one of my favorite villians. A mushy chewed up bubblegum-looking monster alien controlling a big oaf of a guy. piece was brilliant and hilaaaaarious. For Honey Boo Boo fans everywhere...

GMONIK had several art pieces, including this piece above and several solo character shots.. I can't believe I didn't take a pic of all of them!

This piece of Master Splinter is pretty amazing. It's cardboard but the way he treated the piece, made it look like it was a lot heavier and solid than it really is. Great work.






Fellow artist, Stephanie and I... Only two artists from Los Angeles.
We heard the Bar Basic woodburning oven pizza was delicious. Wow, it's definitly some of the best pizza i  have had!
Guilty look of being caught. ha!


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