Friday, January 25, 2013

Stanley Kubrick Retrospective at LACMA

My friend and I went to LACMA's current exhibits- a Stanley Kubrick Retrospective and Caravaggio. Melinda and I are both fans of Kubrick but I didn't know what I was in store for.
This exhibit was INTENSE. There were props from all of his movies, including behind the scene shots, video installation, marked up scripts and liner notes, his chess set (chess was a very important influence, particularly in his perspective of war,) and source material.
It is amazing to see how intense this man as a filmmaker, director and writer, really was.
This man was all about details and made sure that he explored every angle, studied every past history event and pushed his actors to make sure that he got the right shot.
All that attention to detail and long hours of dedication is what makes his movies stand the test of time. 
After sharing my pics, my friend and colleague Eric gave me things to marinate on- an biography of Stanley Kubrick, the book of Russion filmmaker V.I. Pudovkin translated in English and a flash drive of two documentaries on the man. SO AWESOME! It's like I am taking a college course on the man.

As a member of the museum, I have free tickets. I am going to watch his all of his movies before revisiting it agan. I know there are so much more I missed the first time around.


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