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Tinkerbell Half Marathon 2013

This year is the year of "yes." This is the year where I consciously do the opposite of what I normally do. Habits create a groove that we tend to fall default to. This year, I want to experience more and I want to be outside of my comfort zone.

I knew this back in Thanksgiving when my cousin hits me up to tell me about the second open registration for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon. I wanted to prove something to myself- to practice believing in myself and not look for outside validation with other people. Pressing "register" was such an easy thing to do.

Training for it was not.

In the midst of a holiday, I didn't work out or train as much as I should to tackle the 13.1 miles.

But as the time got closer to the race date, I had to make a decision.

1.) To get a doctor's note and get out of running the race.
2.) To run the race and be okay with being picked up by the sweeper truck ( You have to keep up with a pace of 15 minutes per mile in order to stay in the half marathon.)
3.) Finish that damn thing and really earn that medal.

Signing up my first long distance race since 2007 by myself was liberating.

RUNNING my first long distance race by myself is LIBERATING and EYE-OPENING.

No crutch. No personal cheer squad. No comfort zone. It was amazing and I am amazed that I did this.

On January 18th, I headed over to the Disneyland Hotel to pick up my bib and packet. It was exciting to feel everybody's buzz. Many women and men of different backgrounds, ages, shape and sizes were present to sit in workshops, buy Tinkerbell swag and other running equipment.

I couldn't find any of my running equipment from 6 years ago when I did the LA marathon so I had to start new. I bought a running belt, some Gu (no caffiene), headband and some water ball attachment.

Now part of the bag that you are given includes a few cool items- a Tinkerbell mesh backpack, Luna bars, pamphlets, flyers for other run and this cool long sleeve running shirt with this logo.

Which I will not wear to the run.

Now if find my blog by searching "Tinkerbell Half Marathon 2012" and read that I am hating on the shirt, let me explain.

I'm a Disney fan... but I am not a fanatic. Also, it's not my personality to dress in a tutu, or dress like a fairy or some other Disney character to do this run. I'm not ungrateful for this shirt, but you'll more than likely find me dressed in all black. That's more my stilo.

Among the sea of mint green, I wore this Beatrock shirt by Pancho Abalos. This was more my attitude for completing the 13.1 miles.

The half marathon started at 5am... We were instructed to get there at 4am to check in our bags and head towards the coral. Despite of getting up at 3am, I got there late and thank God they started late. By they got to my coral, it was closer to 5:45am.

And can I add, being that I was not used to going to sleep at 9pm to get up at 3am, I ended up getting only 3 hours of sleep... Can you believe that? 3 hours of sleep to run 13.1 miles. eeek!

I am amaaaazed at how many people signed up for this race. It brought out friends, families and people like me who are doing it solo. It's actually cool to think that the fact that it is Disney related, fans of Disney are encouraged to want to participate in something momentous as this.

Now I am going to apologize for not getting any good pictures from here on out. I was more focused in in wanting to finish this course than to document it. But what I saw was beautiful, inspirational and remarkable. Made the run forget about the pain! =)

Being that it was still too early for sunrise, we ran through the parks with the moon still out. But they lit up the midway and ran the rides as if they were open to the public. It made the run scenic with magical whimsy. I had my iPod pumping so to see Disney Calfornia Adventure and Disneyland to my soundtrack made it more personal to me.

More shaky running pics. Again, I didn't want to stop and take a picture. I was trying to beat the sweeper trucks!

At this point, I put my phone away and just ran (and walked) my little ass off. Here is what the course looked like courtesy of Endomondo.

In short, I FINISHED! I legitamately earned that finisher medal. (This half marathon gives medals to all participants, which is both good and bad.) For myself, I needed to prove to myself that I can do it. It is one of the best things I have done for myself and for that moment, I am proud to have pushed myself and believed in myself.

Some things I have come to realize:
1.) TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN! I didn't sufficiently trained for this long distance race. Althought physically I was spent, I was lucky enough to have my mental and spiritual kick in to push me through. But I don't recommend this to anybody, especially if this is  your first time. TRAIN!

2.) Visualization definitely helped! A week ago, I was saying "I will live if I get picked up by the sweeper truck." It's true. It is not a bad thing to be picked up because your pace is a bit slow. You will live and not die out of embarrassment. But sometime yesterday, that was not an option. I didn't want to tell that story so I believed that I was going to finish the race and I did.

3.) I'm loving cast members cheering us on but I REALLY appreciate the back lots, where the employees that are are behind the scenes to make sure Disneyland runs come out and cheer us on. The guest relations, the mechanics, the custodians. THAT was wonderful and I appreciate it.

4.) People of all shapes and sizes tackle this course. I am so proud and happy to see so many people come out to take the challenge. The course is possible, just work out, pace yourself and focus on your breathing. Pacing and breathing are so important in taking you to the finish line.

5.) Those wings people wear with large wingspans are ANNOYING! Please consider your wingspan because it's not fun to get smacked in the cheek when you run by. 

Today, Melinda and I went for a 4 mile walk with our dogs. I needed a light cardio to loosen my sore muscles. It worked as now my legs and feet are getting more limber and less stiff.

This is a wheatpaste of Becca and Philip Lumbang and Bankrupt Slut at the Viper Room.

EarthBar serves up the BEST shakes ever. No, it's not candy. It's hemp milk, raw chocolate, banana, mesquite, maca, vegan protien, almond butter and agave. Everything in that shake is good for me and it taste delicious!

Sushi dinner with an amazing view!

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