Sunday, December 23, 2012

Countdown to Christmas 2012

It's the first day after the "end of the world" and I have spent most of the day reflecting and processing. A day to myself (and the dogs) as I wrap presents, clean and think about the past year. As some parts of my life had made strides, there are some that have been stagnant and if not, had receded. This dawn of a new era has started and the only thing I can do is say goodbye to the things that have held me back, put an end to any doubt and just keep moving forward.

One of the things I have changed in my life is my home life. For years, I have used my home merely as a touchdown spot- a place to sleep, get ready and a place to leave and not see for months at a time. I want to now make my house into a home. A place where I can entertain friends and family, invite people more often and a place that is always warm and radianting with good energy. I have focused on the philosophy of "out with the old and in with the new."

For years, I have not put up a Christmas tree. I may put up a few decorations but I never really go past the cards on the archway and maybe an ornament hanging here and there. But today, as I was standing in line for toiletries, I noticed that the pharmacy store has their Christmas decor at half off.

I got a fake tree. Now with fake trees, you better pick up a real looking fake or a really fake looking tree. No in-between.

So I got the Nikki Minaj of all trees- a white noble fir.

Left: The illuminating tree
Right Top: One of my owl ornaments
Right Middle: TokiDoki keychain I got from Comic Con 2011
Right Bottom: Ornaments from Disneyland and Sally and Jack Skellington plush dolls from my husband and wife Inyaki team friends also from Disneyland

Pinterest has a way of thinking youhave time to do details in wrapping gifts. HA! Doesn't look like the pin I just forwarded but oh well.

I'm really loving glitter for the season.

and here is MC Foley's dog and my dog. I am dog sitting Chia so it is definitely fun having two little pups. Plus Koki has a playmate to keep him company.

But you would think that the Santa jackets I put on them was torture. HA! Get used to it, buddies. This is what you are going to wear for Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

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