Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Countdown to the Strangelets album release

(work done for the Strangelets' album submission)

My boyfriend's band is being released in early 2013. Currently, they are working on the last two songs before they send it off to get mastered and then eventually printed and released. It's exciting to see a group's work turn into something tangible after months and months and months of preparation, rehearsals, rework, revision and recording. They put it so much work in this project and each of them busy with other personal things.
Back in the summer, the group turned to their artists friends to work on a potential album cover. I was blessed to have them pick one of my paintings as the cover of their EP, Heavy is the Heart.
I came up with a digital drawing, in hopes to capture the dream-like quality in much of the band's music. Sweet like lullabies, this collection of shoegaze songs has me daydreaming of laying on the beach, sea breezes wisping my hair as I look up at the stars and just take in their twinkles.
Sort of what I was thinking in my illustration, where the universe conspires to make dreams come true by setting the stage up. It's up to the dreamer to take the stand, walk up to that stage and burn like a supernova.
My submission to the project. However, they decided to use my boyfriend's picture for the cover. All good to me, as I am happy to have a personal piece done. I have been using all my creative skills at my design job that it was nice to let go and do something impulsive as the piece above.

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