Thursday, November 15, 2012

Full Speed Ahead

Holiday Party:
My different worlds are slowly becoming to mesh. As I am the programming and events chairperson in my arts nonprofit organization, I am also part of the events committee here at work. One thing that I am working on is the company's holiday party. We got approved to have our party on a yacht as we cruise around the marina on The Entertainer.

I would have probably picked a different venue but due to the holidays coming up quick and are around the corner, a couple of my colleagues worked on it, being that many of the local venues are booked for the season.

I worked on the marketing of the event while the others worked on the logistics and contract. I wish I can hear what kind of music the DJ is able to play. Ideally, it would be nice to have the lower deck be a lounge playing jazz and downtempo, the second floor being more house/hip hop and world music and upstairs deck have a coffee and hot cocoa bar. Still working on getting a photobooth in but we'll see. My main concern is making sure that people get there.
Art Education:Working in arts advocacy is truly a passion of mine. As a working artist/designer, it's important to me that the intrinsic value of art adds to the value of our culture, particularly of a culture that is not represented in mass media.
The arts is the backbone of culture. It is the living pages of a history book that is not read in classes. It's not something that should replace the sciences or other logical subjects but art teaches one to critically think; to question express where words fail. It is a vehicle of communication and it can be used to teach, to inspire and to an empower.
Being a chairperson for the Programming Committee is quite a challenge particularly because I have to be smart with the little resources that we have.
A couple of weeks ago, I sat in a work retreat to map out the year. I have to focus on this curriculum; sketch classes, music workshops, video-editing classes, art history panels. I have all my instructors on deck and now it is finding the right venue.
To think that seven years ago, I was one of those instructors, teaching kids art, hip hop dance and HTML classes

I miss those kids (some of which I see once a year and they remind me how much time has past.) And I miss teaching but somebody has to be behind the scenes.

Full speed ahead...

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