Monday, May 21, 2012

Urban hiking

The world is different when you wake up at 530am.

Years ago, I used to meditate and do yoga and tai chi with a Buddhist monk. DaDa was visiting our country and his visit turned into a 6 month stay. We used to wake up 5am in the morning and head to the park where he would share his teachings.

There is a definite peace during that time, the transition between night and day. That buzzing silence of the sun rising in the east.

Kat and i decided to wake up early and start our Sunday with a hike at a nearby canyon.

She took me to a trail in Griffith Park. It was short, only .55 miles but it was a pretty good incline. This walk beats walking on a treadmill, by far.

It was a quiet morning. I heard the snakes slither out of our way. A jackrabbit scurry down the cliff like it was nothing.

My picture does not even show how high up we were. Those treetops look like bushes but these trees stood so tall from the oakwood niches of the canyon.

If you look at the upper left hand part of this pic, you will see other hikers/runners. You can gage how far and how steep the mountain is as the trail wraps around the hill.

What was inspirational was seeing so many older hikers out and about. I saw little old Asian couples holding hands, walking up the mountain for their daily walk. Young fathers taking their young daughters. A group of teen boys, all looking like they come from the indie rock scene of Eagle Rock, doing drills and sprints up the incline.

No real intention of using this pun, but it was comforting to see all walk of life being up so early and tackling the course.

At the top was the the most beautiful view of the city sprawl. Pollution was not too bad and the sun was very forgiving.  I love my city and all the corners and hidden treasures that only a true Angelino would know where to go.

But being a true Angelino was being tested as we came down the mountain.

As you noticed, this map shows the route we took.. an easy .55 miles up. We decided to take the long way down, thinking it will spit us up near the car.


It spit us out the other side of the mountain.. You can see in the dots where we tried to backtrack trying to find the right trail back, but also trying not to go back up the hill.

We decided to use the street and head back up Vermont.

A mile hike turned into 4.52 miles with 575 calories burned.

It was the best way to start the day. I am not complaining. I realize that this was my challenge this morning.

Kat says," I don't mean to sound too Buddhist but the world is our medicine. We can find everything we need in her."

So true.. thank you Mountain, for giving us this awesome work out and sense of accomplishment.

Pic tacken in the bottom of the mountain.

Another phenomena that I am happy to catch on my front porch..
The solar eclipse!

I didn't have time to make a lightbox so i just ran outside, closed my eyes and took this pic... and i got to see the solar eclipse at 6:26pm

Supposedly, today is the start of a new age. I have full sight ahead and not looking back.

*all pictures by me

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