Monday, December 05, 2011

Save Sessions Los Angeles

What Is Sessions LA? from Sessions LA on Vimeo.

My friends and I go beyond than just making art or creating. We come from the stand point that art is not just for the rich; that is Westernized thinking.

Art is for EVERY ONE.

Art is for the people.

And with that thought, we want to make sure that art is something more than just something that is commodified and is a frivolent form of luxury; it can actually be a catalyst of social change; a tool for education; a way to save lives.

I have taught the youth in Echo Park by ways of FilAm Arts and Search to Involve Pilipino Americans. I have taught classes ranging from Hip Hop class, to HTML coding class and visual arts class. I have seen how the arts can provide a save haven for the youth. I have seen how the arts provides an outlet for inner city youth. I have seen these kids grow and shine through these programs.

Long after I have left, the programs in SIPA evolved. They had to keep the kids interested and relevant. Through Mike Nailat of SIPA and DJ Lino and producer Soulspeak, they started the foundation for Sessions LA, focusing on beatmaking, DJing and lyricism. allowing them to speak and express their young experience.

Meet Remgee, a young man who has been coming to Sessions for almost four years:
Sessions LA Presents: RemGee from Sessions LA on Vimeo.

As with all programs that have been successful in providing solid programming and instruction, Sessions LA has been affected by the economy. There is no more governmental funding and everybody is competing for the same grants.

This is where we turn to the community to help fund this popular and well-needed youth programs.

Check out and see how your donation has an instant payback. Perks range from $10 on up and it's amazing what is being offered.

They are so close to their goal! Let's get them fully-funded.

Beatrock Music! Beatrock Art!

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