Monday, December 19, 2011

7 days left til Christmas!

Hey, folks!

Hope everybody is having a wonderful Holiday Season! It has been non-stop for me since September. My life was filled with:

- newborn babies
- art shows
- travelling
- meeting up and spending more time with family and friends
- event producing various parties, contests and events
- designing promotional packages for events and shows
- commissioned art work back to back to back
- getting a new job as a chair person for the programming and events committee of an arts organization

2012 is going to be verrrrryyyy busy. I thought I was busy in 2009-2011 but this marks another new chapter in my life.

I decided to take a hiatus the rest of the year because in a couple of weeks, it's going to go Mach 5.

But a hiatus of art is never really a hiatus for a person who is creative. That is just how I am wired.

As in an earlier post, I am cooking and baking more. I wanted to start making food from scratch and not eat anything that is unnatural for me like trans fat, preservatives and additives.

I also wanted to give gifts to to my friends and being that there is too many of them, I alone can't afford all those people and show them my gratitude.

So I started to give them something either handmade or cooked or baked by me.

I made Cupcakes in a cup, a simple idea of giving cupcakes to a person on the go.

Red Velvet Cupcakes. Okay, so the dye is not all-natural but it sure makes a pretty cake.

My pallete

On the cooling rack

Buttercream frosting made from scratch...and without a mixer! I have strong biceps just by whipping this to a fluffy state!

With all the baking, I was inspired to make my own labels. I don't want to make a typical label stating what the baked good is. Nope. I instead illustrated a character and I will be naming them after friends of mine. Since this is a red velvet cake, this one is called ViVi Lovelace. (By the way,  I love my tablet. Just went straight to the computer and started drawing and "painting.")

All set and ready to go!

I also made an apple and pear butter. I loved the recipe that I found because it is so damn simple: just fruit, brown sugar and cinnamon. That's it. Now I did adapt it a little bit but the trick is getting the right consistancy. 

Rome apples were on special

A bartlet pear.. with a slight blush...

Freshly cut to sugar and cinnamon to 12 hour slow cooking and a whirl through the food processor.

Of course, I had to make an illlustration for it.

I haven't figured out her name yet.. soon though.

Started driving around the city and delivering to friends. I put this one in one of my friend's potted plants because they weren't home. Luckily they got it shortly afterwards =)

Also made three dozen mixed chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. I used both white and mixed chocolate chips and they were a hit! My nephew wanted to "save" his last cookie but I told him I was going to come over his house and make a batch for his family.

Tonight, I just finished making 36 cupcakes for my coworkers tomorrow. A coworker and I is hosting a surprise goodbye party for one of our collegues. She is being promoted to another department and throughout the years, she always baked when one of us had a birthday. Well, it's my turn to bake for her and to show her our gratitude.

I made three kinds of cupcakes- cookies and cream, marble cake with chocolate frosting and an angel food cake with chocolate-covered coffee beans bits. (More pictures to come)

I am really good at not eating anything I bake. I'll taste test but I not have a whole cupcake. Until, now...

not bad at all!

But watch out! Don't eat too much sugar or you will get Sugar Punched!

"Sugar Punch"
acrylics on wood


GRusette said...

Love it! You can use beet juice for the red velvet cupcakes next time.

alfie said...

@GRussette- thanks so much! i will definitely look into to it =)