Thursday, November 03, 2011

Halloween 2011

Ok, for the sake of time and relevance, I better just post up the pics from the Halloween Party at work and at WeHo.

I co-hosted and co-produced the Hallween show at work. I think it went pretty well and I definitely have plans for next year's party (if I decide to do this again.) ha!

I thought the ladies from the IT department came out with cute costumes!

And DT came in a g-rated version of his costume at work... He wore speedos with his friends at WeHo and I got word that he and his friends got interviewed on MTV! Check out the link here:

With all the craziness of 4 artshows and the Halloween parties, not to mention the Board meeting/retreat and numerous birthday parties, I was not able to put together a costume.

An artist has extra pressure in coming off dope; no "costume out of the bag" or I will get CLOWNED from my creative colleagues.

Sooo... I didn't dress up.. .and my plans to go home and possibly hit the spa and have a relaxing night.. nope... I was lucky enough to get picked up by the OishiMedia guys, my friends Duel and CJ.

They came decked out as Vikings and they made their own costumes. I didn't know Duel was allllllll about Halloween and found out that he goes year after year to WeHo. With the thousands of people that go, it is not wonder why I never bump into these guys.

and as far as making their own costumes, he goes on saying:

I am used to making my own costumes. Growing up, my folks couldn't afford to buy us all costumes so they would make them. Now here we all are grown up and with the income for us to not only make our own costumes but to go ALL OUT.
Quite inspiring there.

I couldn't walk for ten minutes without a person wanting to take a picture with the guys.

When they met fellow Vikings, there was comradery. Every time they see a Roman, they drew their swords. It was HILARIOUS!!!

I came to find out the Hare Krishnas love Halloween. They were there with a banging drum circle. Quite odd but fun at the same time. Unlike the Christian bikers down the street who have their "Jesus Hates Evil Everyday" signs. lol

Tourists coming from far and wide are out and about. I never really notice. Maybe because we were always too busy taking pictures with other people with dope costumes as opposed to hanging out with the folks who WORE the dope costumes. lol

The guys also got interviewed on TV. For what show, I have no clue. I'll post the video and you tell me if you recognize the host.

Jack Skellington on stilts was definitely one of my favorite costumes that night.

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