Thursday, October 06, 2011

Faded Beats n' Pieces
October 1st, 2011

I was one of the featured artists for this month's Beats n' Pieces. Faded is a clothing company that is now throwing art parties showcasing art, live art by the legendary NASA crew and soundscape provided by LA's loved DP Crew. They are now being more consistant and I would love to see this event pop off monthly.

"e.ternal reflection"
mixed media on vinyl LP and wood

The theme of this month's show was vinyl records. Faded provided the artists LPs to paint on. I had an initial idea but at the very last minute, I decided to paint over it and paint what was relevant to me at the time. We lost a very very good friend the week before. Passed away suddenly and it had shook all of our lives. E was a loving soul who dedicated his life to the arts and music movements in San Francisco. He worked with the youth and helped gave many of the mentees a sense of direction.

I miss him terribly. I had to paint this piece, lil' "darklings", as he lovingly coined the term, holding bleeding heart doves, promising to keep them safe and protected.


Much love to the Faded Crew, NASA, DP Crew and Beats N' Pieces affiliators

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Pics from my smartphone:
NASA crew getting down

The crowd

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