Monday, June 07, 2010

I lead an incredibily busy life. there was point in time where i had to redefine my whole being, my life, and my soul purpose so much of it was dedicated from 1. healing and then 2. figuring out who my true sense of self is.

it has been nothing short of a wonderful, challenging yet rewarding roller coaster ride.

often times, if a friend didn't work with me is some sort of level, then we won't see each other as much as the friends that do organize/build/work with me.

and there were times where i went MONTHS from seeing my friends.

the ones that stuck through are the ones that understood. they understood that i am trying to deconstruct, deprogram, and then relearn, and re-evolve. it's sort of being in a karmic university where everything that i needed to learn for myself was bestowed to me and i had to take those opportunities.

but at the cost of spending time with loved ones.

in which, i am not trying to change. i am trying to spend time with family and friends more so than before. to nurture the friends who are like family and the family who have shown nothing but understanding and support in my journey of being an artist. to make time to at least be present with them, hug them, laugh with them.

because sometimes the creation aspect can be a lonely process but i am fine with that. i always know i will come up for air before i stay at home to design or create.

i bought succulents. i want to build a mini garden on my porch. taking care of them will be practice for me. to remind myself to check in and to nurture and flow energy out to another living being. to remember that no matter how busy i am and how into a project i am into, i will have to stop, breathe, make sure the life around me is doing more than well; that they are thriving.

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