Monday, June 14, 2010

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Anonymous said...

Miss Alfie, Miss
I must confess
You’re an utter mess
Of unfettered goodness

A classic lady
With an urban tomboy twist
Too hip to get flipped
One dope artist

A heart left on pause
From life’s battle with flaws
That lost love caused
Leaving scars from loves claws

Do not lose hope
To put your heart back on play
And set love a fire
As your soul finds a way

To locate a mate
And go from single to pair
As hearts meet together
Two ninjas, out of thin air

On a journey that’s blessed
In a life without a care
A new view you shall have
As your heart, has been repaired

Have faith, be wise
And hold your head up high
Keeping your mind and heart open
No more worries or half-hearted sighs

As soon you will find
That you are meant to be chosen
A happy life you shall lead
Full of words left unspoken

A strong bond you will share
To make things happen
Empowered by your mate
You will love like imagined