Friday, June 18, 2010

my OC artshow:

Rothick art haus is proud to present :MAOI an anti-depressing art show, curated by: Bekka Utermohlen.

The Groups show, MAOI is inspired by the likes of Teen Bop and Tiger Beat; where I ask my favorite artist and musicians fun, silly and completely irrelevant questions. These people are my celebrities. The people I want to get a little more personal perspective of and see the person behind the work. I might not want a life size image of an artist hanging on my wall. But their artwork could take a spot on my bedroom wall any day! And these musicians might not have hoards of thirteen year old girls running after them with tear filled eyes. But their fan base can vote! An MAOI is anti-depressants, and these people make me happy. Welcome and I hope my favorite MAOI's makes you happy too

So come out for a night of happiness, art, music and drinks .

MAOI, featuring artwork by:

Aaron Kraten
Amy Shawley
Ron Pete
Lydia Martin
Danni Shinya
Dennis Potokar
Nicole Bruckman
Cody Lusby
Josh Hart
Jose Caracbes
Ryan Clemens
Chan Koak
Madame Lai
Brendan Wae
Alfie Numeric
Janet Kim

And live painting by Mike White.

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