Friday, March 26, 2010

Imagine that present-day 2010 Alfie can go back to visit 1998 CSUN Alfie to give her some sage advice about her future. What would you tell her?

oh god.. if i can only tell her to "Let go, let go, let go." then "Let Love, Let God."

I have spent so many years figuring out how to not push love away, particularly the one type of love detrimental for my soul to flourished and be nutured- Self Love. If only i could go back and tell her to no fear, and to LISTEN TO HER INNER VOICE. that every thing external should stay out and the true light within, is the solid truth.. I wish i worked on me sooner, found me sooner, and lovd me sooner. I would have been taking more chances, been more adventurous and experienced more. i would not have played is safe as much.

and i would also tell her that people who say are down for you, really isn't. that is part of letting go.

Ask me anything... maybe i will answer. buahaha!

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