Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Each year, i try to do the 30/30 poems in april, for National Poetry Month.

and each year, i come up short.

but each year, i keep trying...

"the folds that holds"

In every crease i press
with thumb along table
i keep a prayer for you

the kind of prayers not meant
to be buried in Venice Beach sands
hoping that the rain wills it to grow

not the kind of prayers released
in conversations that i have with myself
and carried by intruding breezes thru the window

these prayers are tucked safely
in each fold of cherry blossom origami paper
snugged by the hugs in the paper

hidden away so you can't find them
until my crane is made
and is ready to take flight again


Anonymous said...

“The Alfie Show”

I’m going to take the time
To write a simple rhyme
That goes with the flow
Called the Alfie show

She’s a hip hop ninja
Artist supreme
Cross her path
And she’ll cut you clean

Don’t mess with this lady
You better come correct
Or just like the Rock
She will break your neck

She’s got fists of fury
To go with her heart of gold
But in control

She’s on a journey
Deep within
To discover who she is
And remember where she’s been

God talks to her daily
And she sometimes listens
He hears all her chatter
Her Hopes, her wishes and her ambitions

Her continued faith
Will overcome her doubt
Love, honesty and happiness
That’s what her future’s about

So for all who don’t know
Now you do
Move out the way
Without further ado …


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter!! <3