Monday, July 24, 2006

this is my week to work and i was looking forward to an over-air conditioned office.

and just my luck, the ac on the second floor broke.


and i think there is a conspiracy.

cuz the third floor and the fourth floor has air conditioning. in fact, its like the artic up there.

and the first floor has their AC blowing out icicles. and good for them, cuz then all the writers and the members of the guild can come to the shnazzy library we have down there and write their sitcoms and screenplays.

the second floor consists of the drone ants.

i just came back from my house. i had to take a shower at my lunch break. i am that hot. and i am about to strip down to my bra soon (my boss and other co-worker left cuz they can't take it.)

but its alot better than my house. i won't complain too much.

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