Sunday, July 23, 2006

25 reasons to smile.

Again, I am taking zahira's lead and list all the things that I am happy about. Rather than being so focused on trying to pursue things that I think would make me happy, I am going to celebrate the reasons what makes me smile...

Oh and thank you so much for all the supporting emails and comments. Last few days ( as well as the upcoming ones ) were/are hard but I am managing =)

[1] I smile at how flexible my schedule is, allowing me to be productive with every facet and angle of my life.

[2] I smile at how physical activity is reintroduced in my life and how much I looooooove it. It make sense how the mental, the emotional, physical, the metaphysical, and the spiritual is connected.

[3] And I smile how I am surrounded and have access to these channels by the people I am surrounded with:
Capoeira with ish...

Running and boot camp style training with Melinda...
Escrima with Guro Dino
Yoga with Melissa...

Freestyle dancing (yep, dancing again...)

[4] is having a 20 percent off sale (hehehehehe! ) well.. We were talking about the physical, right?

[5] I smile at the fact that I am supported by friends who would never let me stay down. "Intervention", pep talks, empaths calling, made moments like three nights ago beautiful instead of difficult and hard.

[6] I smile at hearing that my family is doing well and is happy.

[7] I smile that I am meeting more folks who are artists and give constructive criticism, hence giving that help and support that would make our lives better.

[8] I smile that I am hella busy with beautiful things -art shows, performances, being asked to teach a workshop at a conference, curating shows...

[9] ... That I am able to maintain a living for 3.5 years as a fulltime artist.

[10] ...working with other artists who have been living as a fulltime artist for more than 6+ years...

[11] that elikai is turning 1!!!

[12] I smile everytime Malcolm beatboxes or beats a drum

[13] Finding blood relatives on myspace =)

[14] I smile at being able to sell work.

[15] I smile that people refer clients to me.

[16] I smile during restful moments on my couch, watching netflix'ed movies, in comfy clothes.

[17] I smile whenever Miko calls me, and "just to say hello" but she dives fully into the happenings of her life

[18] having sushi with my two favorite tauruses

[19] I smile at the fact that I am fitting into clothes that I have not been able to wear in two years.

[20] I smile during long conversations in bar booths, coffee shops, on the cell phone in traffic, etc.

[21] I sooooo smile that I am so close to the beach.

[22] I smile when the Spirit says to the Ego "See? Now doesn't all this make sense?"

[23] I smile everytime I get carded (hehehhe!)

[24] I smile at the fact that I really will never be "lonely".

[25] I smile that you can find joy in the words "nothing is really permanent."

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