Wednesday, April 05, 2006

90% of our thoughts are recycled cuz we are creatures of habit

i agree to this statement. seems like i every time i blog, its to relieve anxiety from the day's grind. and then i give you a inspirational thought or revelation, or quote from some 18th century philosopher.

well, i just finished work and before i hit the grind again, imma sit here and purge. i am going to blog whatever comes in to my head.

my attempts at being random

well, hello, adewale.

ever since i saw that "Lost" episode featuring mr. eko, i was swoooooning. he is one sexy nigerian man.go on wid your bad self, adewale. i even like saying your name!

i also think wentworth miller is not too bad to look at as well. but i am not as smitten as say a certain friend's wife who did a spoof fan site called the first church of wentworth miller. yea.. she done did it.

last year, the residents of carmona estate (what i call my house) was in love with the GGB- (gotta say "THE").

random thought #2:
i love me some rain. love it! the crisp air. makes breathing easier. but i realized a few things...

- los angeles driver SUCK HUGE ELEPHANT BALLS when it comes to driving in the rain. slow the eff down!!!!!!! and pleaaaaaaase , be mindful of people walking in the streets. you all suck who speed down the curb creating this wall of water knocking all the pedestrians down.

- the rain magnifies the musk each person has. so with this said, los angeles folks- WASH YOUR HEAD! gooood, you complain of wet dog, how about wet silverlake rocker boy heads? lord have mercy.

wash your clothes too! dont wear that seemingly safe wool jacket you haven't dry cleaned in months. once the rain hits, its all over.

random thought #3
why do people persist on telling me what they know? for example, i can be sitting in the aisle of a grocery store, looking at some random product and somebody gotta come up to me and tell me the history of the product, how they made the logo, whose hands it went thru, what it taste like. DID I ASK?? WHO CARES? and it is not like they are starting upa conversation, because they won't let me talk! its all about what they know.

that can go with ANYTHING. i can be minding my own business when someone gotta come up and flaunt thier shit, trying hard to fit into a label. "oh, i knew that long time ago." or "i was all up on that months ago." or "did you know that i do this or that?"

words possess so much power, but it is actions and energy that speak the truth of all things.

a wise man stays quiet, a fool keeps talking...

speaking of keeps talking, done with my rant.

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