Monday, February 13, 2006

started working today.

its cool

waking up was something interesting. i didn't realize how pretty the birds sounded at 5am in the morning.

and being that today is the first day of a tremendous task, the boss asked me to chill a bit. and relax.

cuz i am sure there are days where it is not going to be so leisure.

i didn't realize how hot the day gets.

or how busy the streets are.

or how setting your life in a schedule makes the creativity comes out more.

its as if you boil something all the way down to its precipitate. life is going to run me so ragged that when i do create, i will be creating things at its purest form because i have held out for so long till i can get to my design/art studio.

boiled down to its precipitate.

assuming i don't get burnt out...

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