Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Koki Shakespeare

Meet my newest family member, Koki Shakespeare. Koki means "pug nose" in Hawaiian and Shakespeare is what they call him at the rescue.

I have a tendancy of networking dogs online. I am a huge advocate of adopting over shopping (I understand people want a certain dog but if I can help with the overpopulation of pets being homeless and eventually euthanized, then I will do my best.) I saw Koki in one of the postings on Petfinder.

He is a cute shaggy dog which reminded me of 5 of the dogs my family had throughout my life.

When I first met him, he was unapproachable. Very independant and seemingly non-emotional. I can see how other folks overlook him and tend to go to the higher energy dogs.

But something told me to really go for him, despite of the lack of connection and my budget. I bit the bullet and went for it.

The day that I adopted him from the rescue, I had the priviledge of speaking with his foster mom. She told me everything about him and has seem to be right. He is quiet, doesn't bark, doesn't lick, very independant but at times can be the biggest cuddler!

It's been a wonderful three days so far getting to know this little guy. My family and boyfriend love him! He is going to be well-loved. No more shelter life for you, little man.

Going home with me.
Close up of his face
After a 2.5 mile walk. Site-seeing in LACMA
Groomed and handsome after his trip to the groomers! Orange Bone did a great job!
This guy makes me so happy!


James said...

Hey mamma glad to you you doing your thing. We need to catch up. Its James "LJ "

alfie said...

LJ! omg, it's been so long! how are you? and how do i get in touch with you>?

James said...

9166069343 Jamesswanson03@gmail.com

She Chef said...

Super Kyooote! I'm gagging up sugar over here! Where's the other doggy?