Tuesday, January 31, 2006

maybe you knew...
maybe you knew,
despite of the many whistles and
yellow lights flashing
from the game you were playing

maybe you knew
and that is why on this day
the eve of the eve of a new month
you decided to run for three miles straight
because something is set in motion

Or maybe it was your mother who knew
and that is why she asked you to stay just one more night
leaving you in the very space you know will stay constant

because things are about to change course

and you realize that even at the shortest distance
a 700 hundred mile situation is still 700 miles too long
and 2 hours too short to come with a deep connection

its gets harder to breathe
but you stay centered

after all, you are of the earth
you embrace yourself at the equator
and stand solid
no matter what the currents bring in
or take away

you close your eyes
and you revisit streetlight lit walks
to where Hope Blvd and Faith Avenue intersected

moonlit picnics where skyscapers huddled together were canyons
and kids with jersey accents echoed thru the valley
and we salsa-ed to their banter

where protected grassy meadows cradled three hour conversations
and whisper winds whipped thru 20 dollar calling cards

fast forward towhere blue seas and black sand lands met
waves caused friction between bellies filled with sighs in different dialects
filtered thru pina coladas... or was it rum and coke?

where it always seemed 7:34am

and pockets vibrate when each focused thought was made
or at least until the second week of january
when the contract ran out

you close your eyes
because you knew
that when you open them
something was... and is
set in motion

and you look forward
straight ahead

the most remarkable thing you noticed
is that before you even hung up the phone
you have freestyled a poem
for the first time in two years

but this is not a poem you share in a dimly lit cafe
melodic testimonials fluttering past caffeniated glassed over eyes
hoping to get caught by a third one

no... this one you release simply
by opening up both your hands

and letting go...

palms towards the sky,
you find yourself in prime position
to give thanks

and move on...

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