Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Bringing it home
My current obsession is interior decorating and design. I am all about reclaiming spaces and pieces to fit my life and my expression. In the attempts of making my home more of a reflection of me and not of my former art student self, I have been diving into books, programs, and magazines in dealing with home/design magazines.

But, I am not a "better homes and gardens" kind of girl. No, you can keep your issues because its too traditional, too conservative.

But then I came across domino magazine, and I am hooked! from the makers of lucky magazine, a magazine that creatively challenges you to find your own style. And it is a magazine based on shopping, so it straight up tells you what is out there, where you can get it and caters to all budgets.

Pop life magazine is another magazine I fell in love with. I believe they are affiliated with metro pop magazine featuring street and urban couture. The best way in describing this magazine is home fashion.

And it all started with my crush on ty


Shut up...

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