Monday, November 28, 2005

I am updating and revising my resume today. Fun fun. There is something annoying about listing the shit you have done in your whole career life. You gotta own up to everydamnlittlething without bragging. You can't undermine your abilities yet you can't sound too overqualified for a job.

I decided to start my search now. Wouldn't hurt to see what is out there. For once, I have not had a clear view of what I want to do with my art or my freelancing self. Not going to abandon it, but at least I will have a solid schedule and I can do the freelance thing on my spare time. Plus I'll have money to fund new projects and ventures.

friend: doesn't hurt to keep trying
friend: just like thedating game
friend: the only person thats not playing is u
friend: haha
friend: bad joke
friend: but u get me
me: you are in conspiracy with my mom and dad huh
friend: lol
friend: no
friend: but what are you gonna do
friend: roll over and die?
friend: not part of the plan my friend!
friend: u gotta stay alive
friend: to take shits like u did today
friend: don't u feel great!
me: jesus

I have to update my site as well. I have done more work since then. Eh.. I think I just need to find a focus.

Plus it is hella lonely working at home. I need people to talk shit with.

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