Wednesday, June 08, 2005

insight from a new mommy...and no, that is not my child. i was borrowing him from belle and caine.

bunnysahtva1: u know.. i was thinking about what you were saying before baby was born about how people with babies disappear
bunnysahtva1: and i realized a few things..
bunnysahtva1: 1) u do it cuz youre really freakin tired and all u want to do is sleep
bunnysahtva1: 2) you could stare at the baby all day and all night and lose track of time
bunnysahtva1: and 3) its hard to lug all of the baby gear everywehre
Alfie says: yo, that is what i figured
Alfie says: cuz that is a whole lotta ish
bunnysahtva1: oh yeah.. and 4) you give birth to your brain and its hard to remember shit
bunnysahtva1: i haven't talked or had any kind of meaningful conversation with anyone that lasted longer than 10 minutes since weeks before malcolm was born
Alfie says: i am so blogging this

and then the rant begins...

bunnysahtva1: dood.. him being in the nicu for a week fucked it all up.. he got used to the bottle and getting the formula readily.. i haven't been able to catch up to his demand.. between keeping up with his feedings, cleanings and general household upkeep i am too tired to pump regularly.. and when we try to nurse he throws a fit and we both get upset..
bunnysahtva1: i can't find a position he likes. and the booby juice doesn't come fast enough.. eve nwhen i pump i get no more than an ounce from both sides.. he is eating 4 ozs a feeding now..
bunnysahtva1: half the time.. we're both sleeping when he eats
Alfie says: hahahhah cute
Alfie says: awwwww
bunnysahtva1: not cute.. i can't nurse my baby.. i'm a failure
Alfie says: shut up vanessa
Alfie says: you are not
Alfie says: its a lesson for you to be fluid.. take it as it comes. you're fine...
bunnysahtva1: hey! be nice.. i'm still hormonal!

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