Monday, June 20, 2005

In typical LA fashion...

In the past week, I have (in no particular order):
-stayed up for 30 hours straight, trying to get work done.
-have drank enough coffee that can kill the livers of a members of a small tribe.
-went to an event where my art was being shown, drove around for 40 mins trying to find parking, left in futility but came back at 2am with determination and have succeeded, only to have stayed at the venue for 30 minutes.
-have been stuck in traffic for 35 mins in surface streets just to get to a place 8.5 miles away from me.
-have release people from my lives only to have been reunited with 4 old friends.
-have held a baby not even an month old and walked down the street to the local panaderia to buy guava pasteries.
-have started and stopped a diet three times.
-have meditation broken twice due to a ghetto bird flying too close to my room
-have been woken up by an earthquake only to be lulled back to sleep from the rocking.
-went to the grocery store twice yet have eaten out every single day
-have had to rearrange schedule 2 times because I have overbooked myself due to my having a hard time saying “no.”
-had one business meeting at the farmer’s market.
-went to three film screenings
-went to a friend’s bday party that was held in a beautiful house in highland park
-went to frohawk two feather’s art opening party
have donated four huge bags of clothes and two bags of shoes and still feel like I need to purge more.
-pondered on what to wear to the digable planet concert tonight
-realized i left my purse and cell phone at my parents' home because i kept thinking ahead of the things i need to do (sigh)

I am breaking this list. I gotta get back to work. What was I thinking doing this blog entry?

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