Monday, December 20, 2004

Good morning, folks. As you all are reading this at the comfort of your home/class/office/cubicle, I shall be asleep in my lioness den, possibly in the verge of waking up from yet another oh-so-common all-nighter.

They have become more frequent as sleep has become less frequent.

But know that I am consistently pushing forward. I am trying to make good shit happen.

And I am aware of the sacrifices but I keep my eyes on the rewards.

So this weekend consisted of Christmas parties and kids dancing hip hop, bibinka up the yin-yang, fashionistas with attitudes, pink fishnet stockings, sexy cartoons drawn in the likeness of me, impromptu hair cuts in the streets of Hollywood, and pancakes and mimosa at my friend’s crib as we watch the dvd documentary on the Wu-Tang Crew.


hey young world, the world is yours...
friday was the christmas show that my kids were performing in. they all ran up to me saying they were nervous. i placed a hand on top of their heads and told them i am soaking up their nervous energy. i don't know if they bought it but they seemed amused.

the last day of school was a bit hard for me. at the closing of the class, i told them i was proud of them and that they were going to to fabulous. i also told them that the hip hop class will not continue next session and that i won't be returning.

they bumrushed me with hugs. one girl teared up. three of them wanted to live with me. sweet, huh? fuck, i am supposed to be gully hahaha. but i can't help but teared up when they left.

but during the performance, they were wonderful!!!!! okay so they got nervous and danced faster and what not but who fuckin' cares. they had fun! and they had the room cheering. omigod. you just had to see it! two of the girls did cartwheels while the other too posed back to back ..

me and my students

the one on the right is soo adorable. soo much energy this kid has

hehehe, cuuuuute!

afterwards, i headed over to 33 1/3 bookstore in silverlake to check out mikethepoet's spot called "the beat goes on". it's an intimate open mic featuring the poets of the round table. i dug it. it is trying to bring back the essence of intimacy that spoken word is meant to conjure up.

sticker piece i was diggin'

cool dude i met that night, tony

awwww,'s marcus grey

this dude just walked up and took a picture with me... haha! well, tony called him over. i eventually found out that his name was hollywood dude..

mikethepoet busting a poem.

jeremy sole kicking a poem... he's from afrofunke at zanzibar

so, now we are in saturday. lately, god has been blessing my circle with babies. children has this energy that is rejuvenating to the soul. my lifestyle has me dealing with adults, doing adult things like paying bills, getting oil changes, buying groceries, looking for jobs, catching up with current events while still remembering the past. sometimes, my mature mind makes thing more complicated than it really is. i try to listen to my inner child as she is more connected to my spirit.

but sometimes i forget. and that is where these little angels come in to remind me.

i must commend you parent friends of mine. i know how much energy it takes to raise a child. i know many sacrafices you all make, but i also see you being blessed in many ways that i have yet to comprehend. and to all the woman souljahs about to be mamas, i wish you all my love and strength, as i shall be there with you to help you.

one day i will be ready for that and things shall align. but for now,i shall cheer you all on as i do what my role is in this life. and my role can be that auntie that babysits so you all can take a break! =)

kaelyn's bday

meet kaelyn... my college friend hazel's angelic daughter (side note: damn,i look so tired here. oh yea. i had 3 hours of sleep)

college friends, rhea and hazel with their babies (side note: look at my hair.. memorize it.. there is a story involved. it's coming)

the fashion show

after the party, i went home, worked for 2 hours, took a nap,and headed to hollywood for this fashion show. my boys, grizzly, milagro, and asceticfish were spinning that night. free food,free alcohol, free coverage means "alfie is there!"

grizzly makes this face, in every dang picture!!! i was trying to copy it...

i brought melinda and she got to meet the homies...

the place was packed...

milagro spun... and my arm was not long enough to show both of us

then this dude comes up to me and goes "hey, let me cut your hair.. it will be fun..."

and i let him. he drew a pretty big crowd. in the middle of it all, ego kicked in and i was saying "yoooo, saul, i am hellaaaa trusting you right now. don't kill my game...i am praying you are helping the cause not hurting it"

and the whole time, the homies looked on... just making sure i was okay.

but see!!! it came out really well! he just trimmed and sculpted my hair. good thing cuz i needed a haircut badly. free haircut by a stylist. only in hollywood.. and.. he hired me to do his website. THANK YOU, GOD =)


sunday pancake brunch and mimosas
well, actually, i had a bellini.

so, basically, the scenario is this... combine artist friends at a friend's 1940's spanish villa house with a dope balconey, 80 degree sunny day, mimosas, gingerbread pancakes and a wu tang dvd. righteous, man, righteous...

when you have a friend who loves to take pictures with her digital camera, her friends all of a sudden turn into zoolander

dj jedi.. i made him pose

the kitchen is where the magic starts...

the kitchen is where the magic continues...

anna got the biggest,prettiest eyes around macarthur park

happy holidays, ya all!

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