Sunday, January 09, 2005

it's been a long time... thought i left you...
i am in love with life right now. i rarely sleep. i am always working. but it is work that feeds soul. adventures that makes me go to sleep at night (or in my case, morning) and smile in remembrance of the day's happenings. the flow feels good. the connection to me and what is in front of me in the immediate feels good.

i am a workaholic...and right now, it works for me.

i spent the day with my family. i have not laughed so hard in a long time. i told my family not to get me anything as my funds are really light at the moment.

they're concerned as parents should be but they know that i am trying my best to make things pop for me. i am blessed to have a family that is so supportive to my endeavors.

it makes failing and succeeding not so scary things to me.

at night, i had a gig at soundlessons. what did i do at a club venue in silverlake? i painted. yup,i painted live and it was fuckin' sick! i had so much fun.

rachel, me, teresa from new york, and ocean. teresa was my art buddy long time ago before she left me to go to new york for school. she never came back but lucky for us, she visits from time to time.

i have never seen phloe so happy... except when she found her DKNY boots at macy's

alex reyes from kontrast... homeboy who bounces from la to the ny like it is nothing.

this is miss staar.. keep an eye out for her! she is going to create art soon! can't wait

this is the piece she bought from me. thank you much for the support!!

umar and her beautiful wife. he goes by frohawk two-feathers and he is this dope artist/poet/musician

phloe painting her alien woman

this is my piece. yea, i do have dark humor.

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