Sunday, October 17, 2004

neural transmissions in motion with tympanic heart bumps
it's the afternoon after dj and don's wedding. i am still groggy from the late night talks with dj's sister cindy, the midnight raids of fridges, the constant running of wedding errands, and then finally, the actual wedding day. a whole day of hairdressers, make up artists, squeezing in corsets and bustiers, photographers, wedding planner's loving barks, and family galore.

while dj and don had a magical night, it was a college reunion for me. they got me to do tequila shots. had to kick back on the alcohol cuz i don't want to be THAT kind of bridesmaid.

but 7 month old kayla kept me sober.

after the photographer left, i changed in a more comfortable outfit, west coast hip hop bgirl. then i grabbed kayla and we danced, introducing her to pharoah monch, mos def, and salt n peppa... yes, salt n peppa.

now i am in lafayette, a little bougie suburb outside of san francisco. we are getting ready for my kuya's bday party. they live in this fatty house on a hill. i felt i was in the way so i retreated in their office. his gf gave me the duty of stuffing a curious george bush pinata with liquor candy.

soooo... yea... life is good. i got the new les nubiennes playing, my peet's coffee with soy, and a stuffed pinata next to me.

more pics to come...

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