Thursday, October 14, 2004

mental vagabond

i started my trip yesterday. packed up my little honda civic and headed north. i wanted to stop by my parents' house to say a quick hello...

mom: where you going?
me: sacramento
mom: with who?
me: nobody, just me
mom: hoy! just you? you know how dangerous it is for a young lady to drive by herself in that long trip? did you forget about that pinay from burbank, how she got abuducted...

and my mom and dad tagged teamed on my ass. to make a long story short, they bought me a ticket.

so i stayed the night. haven't done that in a minute. i stayed in my dad's den because that is the only room that is cat and dog free.

and i noticed my dad took up guitar.

and i noticed my dad started painting.

and i noticed one whole wall dedicated of pictures of his family.

i felt safe in his room. and even my mom's elevated voice doesn't make me cringe as much.

i also realized how much my parents loved each other.

and i felt safe


so now i am in dj's mom's room, doing business, or trying to. tomorrow is going to be the rehearsal dinner and saturday, the wedding.

my bride's maid dress is still huge on me. "oh you look like a princess!" ummm no, i look like a queen of all hershey kisses. blaaaaaaah!

all good.. cuz it is dj and don's day. and i am soooooo happy right now. because love does exist. to all you nonbelievers and seekers, it does exist. i have seen it.

more pics later... actually i owe alot of you some pictures. i am just lazy to post them. i will unlazy next week.


i am planning to go back to school for more art classes. THIS makes me smile...

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