Friday, August 13, 2004

hello, bright eyes
people have asked about my art work, particularly with my use of huge ass eyes. it's like a signature. they asked,"what's up with the huge eyes in all your pieces?"

i can be lazy in my answer and say alot has to do with the influence of japanese pop culture. i grew up loving anime. and i mean looooooving anime. i remember when fellow college folks, fresh from their asian american 101 history classes, would confront me and say "hey, why do you dig manga? it's encouraging asians to be ashamed of their asian eyes and to embrace and strive for the more rounder, westernized eyes. that's bullshit."

hmmm... i don't think eyes as big as saucer plates covering half of your face is anything close to attractive. i mean, not unless you are an extraterretrial whose planet orbits in the farthest point from the sun from which you need big fuckin' eyes to see in a 10 foot radius from where you stand.

but there are something about eyes that intrigue me. eyes tell alot about what a person is feeling and thinking, despite of what comes out of his/her mouth. i have communicated to few people by eyes alone. i mean really communicated in which the other person would nod in acknowledgement and understanding. that right there is a powerful thing.

as a baby, my neighborhood in hawaii used to call me "bright eyes". i was the toddler with the biggest, roundest eyes, so they say. i was a shy kid. i didn't talk much and the only way my family would know what i was thinking are by my eyes.

so there you have it. my reason why i spend so much time on eyes. now if i can only spend more time on drawing hands. that shit is hard.

tangent thought from now on, when i cannot sleep, i am going to log onto the computer and blog. let's see what random shit i will talk about when insomnia occurs.

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