Thursday, August 12, 2004

before i shut off the computer and stumble back to my bed, let me extend a triple scoop super duper sized thank you to all who has extended themselves to me.

really, i am fine. it's this thing called process that hella hurts but is just as important as result. i am not prolonging any kind of transformation, or healing or revelation making any more. i am accepting how life how it is, with both the bad and the good. changes can be good. just flip the perspective.

let life come as it may. let me take it as it comes. i am ready for growth. i am ready for the next level.

oh, and my tip for the day:
tell people you love them. love freely. love unconditionally. key word- unconditionally. remember that as there is an alpha and an omega, there is a point of love and a point of fear. sometimes, love sponsors fear, and fear sponsors love. know the difference and then love don't gotta hurt anymore.

besides, life is short. life has no guarantees. no more games any more. i already won

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