Wednesday, August 25, 2004

had a vision this morning

i am known to be a lucid dreamer at times. this morning i woke up freaked out. here are key points of my dream...

- a broken down dilapatated light house
- ripped tarp and a flag unraveling at the seams flapping in the wind and covering the sky
- grey clouds
- choppy water
- a sail boat that i was about to sail but has a broken mast
- four directions, the one leading towards the philippines is the most dangerous. of course, that was my destination.
- my father believes i can make the trip
- the people who want to go with me believe i can make this trip

so what i am getting at is that i feel unprepared. i am about to embark in a journey without the proper guidance. that my path is difficult and challenging. and the people i love believe in me.

looks like i am going to err in the side of caution...

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