Wednesday, July 14, 2004

aye, the dilema of being a graphic designer

so production for alice walker's cd has been pushed back one more day. so all this stressin' for my 4pm deadline has now passed.

and you know what i ate all damn day?

water and yogurt.


so i am hungry but not. you know how you are so hungry and you wait so long and now your stomach shrank. yea. and if you eat, your stomach will hurt.

had it not been for my new roommate mitzi getting me a chocolate croissant, i may have passed out.

so to decompressed from the stressful two project marathon, here are some random ass rants.

random ass thought #1: who ever invented the biore is a genius
phloe and i want to be biore agents. where we go around and biore all of our guy friend's nose. why? cuz i like it. i like pulling out little trees of oil and dirt from my friend's pores. those who do biore, don't lie. you like it too. i know you do. i know you invert that shit and then pet the forest. don't deny it!

random ass thought #2: creme brulees from trader joe's are hella dope:
so we all have our favorite things to do. i like petting biore forests and amelie likes cracking creme brulees with the back of her spoon. me, like eating them.

random ass thought #3: my libido, as of lately, is non-existant.
which actually helps me out a bit since i chose to take a break from sex. yes, i am celibate. actually, it also helps that there is no man in sight that tickles my fancy. besides, i can honestly say i am not looking for that. i actually want something wonderful.

random ass thought #4: kat and i want to go to new york.
hmm... new selection of men... hmm.. might break above statement. ((( slapping self ))! i have control.

random ass thought #5: looks like big brother is in full effect...
and on schedule...

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