Tuesday, July 13, 2004

dinner with ninotchka rosca

i had the honor to actually have a dinner conversation with ninotchka rosca- activist, journalist, novelist. for the past few weeks,i have been truly questioning about my progress in life as an artist, a struggling artist. from time to time, i toyed with the idea of finding a full time job and just blending in the masses again. there is nothing wrong in getting stability, but you definitely have less freedom in dealing with creating and producing events when you get back in the work force. i figure that i should take this oppurtunity to really try to see if i can make it in that world.

but there are times when i get shaken. and i see others around me get shaken.

until you hear from the words of a prolific pinay community figure. you hear her stories, you hear her rage. and you realize, you really haven't been thru so much struggles in comparison to others in the world.

and you get a second wind.

i have troubles and i have pure joy. this is what life is all about.

from blisfulness' blog:
"the degree of your struggle determines the degree of your liberation."

"we must learn not to be dependent on the idea that you need a job."

"i just want to be an ethical person. i don't care what anyone else does."

- paraphrased from a coffee/dinner with ninotchka rosca.


oh and here are pics from phloe and my show. we were invited by joe to show some of our work at the the electric lodge, the place where he has his one man show. thanks, joe, for the oppurtunity. make sure you catch him in november when he brings the show back one more time.

i don't know why phloe looks so mad. but i think we are both tipsy here.

gina, danielle, and me

cuuuuute! joe's mom is hustlin' his chapbooks! now i know where joe gets his hustle from!

joe and his mentor, you know who he is, right? (wink)

jedi, danny hoch, and joe

phloe looking mad again

phloe looking challenged

orange (study)

"what the fuck did you say to me?"

blah blah

"burning sage" and "shut the eff up"

"when i grow up, i want to be a..."

the lodge during the day

jedi being cute.. hahaha

"i bleed words till i am read all over"

"you build a monster slowly"

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