Thursday, December 18, 2003

they say that whenever there is strife, war, and turmoil in the land, more baby girls are born to balance out the energies, perserving the peace.

last night, i felt the need to call my old college buddy, hazel. i felt like she had already given birth to her child but wasn't sure of the due date.

so i called at work, about 20 minutes ago

she had her baby girl yesterday at about 2:30pm BUT HER DUE DATE WAS JANUARY 16!

hella early. but the baby is fine and so are the parents. we both were pretty taken back at the fact that we still have that empathetic six sense connection... wow...

so with that...

congratulations to:

HAZEL AND JEFF for your new blessing, KAELYN

MIKE AND LEE for your new blessing, MARA ELAINE

AND MORETON BROTHER, BRIAN, for being a new uncle to CHELSEA!!!

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