Thursday, October 09, 2003

full circle...
its been surreal. it's hard to grasp the reality that joy is gone. one minute she is journeying thru the rugged terrain, taking a plunge at an adventure that only most of us dream of. and now she flutters in the stars. rest in peace, joy de la cruz. you are such an inspiration and we love you. you are so missed right now. i will always remember your poetry.

we are music
by joy de la cruz

there's a quote:
he who doesn't hear the music thinks the dancers crazy
well i say,
he who doesn't hear the music is just being too lazy
to listen
to hear
to be here

we are music
in our sashay or strut or walk
we are music
in what we say and do and talk
we are music

let me drop a freedom writer line to clarify con fusion:
music our muse for being
human beings have hearts
that hear art
and i know in my heart
the true gift we give each other is simple
to be present
be-at the moment
the beat

be-at, the beat
be-at, the beat
be-at, the beat

the hope
the same day i learned of joy's passing, hazel called me. "you are going to be an auntie... TWICE". the tears continue to roll. they just mean something different.

celebrate life, mi gente... celebrate

i love you

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