Thursday, September 11, 2003

life happens way too fast. things change like currents on water. i have learned that i need to be fluid. come what may, i concentrate more on rolling with the punches than throwing them back blindly.

nothing bad is going on in my life. in fact, i can't complain. i have lots of blessings. family, old friends reconnecting, new friends connecting, networking and progressing. it just that there are alot of transitions right now and i need to be on top of things.

so i did a virgo thing and made a diagram of what i gotta do... damn.

i got a lot of shit i need to make happen in the next few months.


fpac was beautiful. i don't have anything more to say about it. it happened, despite of the stress, the tears, the fears. fpac happened. i take bad any woes i had vented to people. i love it. i love my community... and yes, i would do it all over again.


happy bday caine!


let the marathon of madness begin...

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