Monday, July 28, 2003

i often wonder if keeping a journal is a good idea. it's incriminating to keep one. i know it is therapeutic to register and process the day's lessons by writing them down but most of the time, you have to go thru some serious bull kaka in order to get to the true meaning of the experience.

in fact, what happens if i die tomorrow? you all are going to go thru my stuff and come across my journals. most of the stuff written in there is embarrassing! in fact, i was reading some of my entries i written down about three years ago and i sound like a blubbering cry baby. all i kept writing about is how i wanted my ex back and waaah waaaah waaah, i didn't deserve his bs and waaah waaah waaaah, how can he do this to me and waaaah waaah waaaaah....

in fact, i noticed that i don't really write in my journal unless i am waaah waaah waaaaah-ing about something. i hardly ever write when i am happy, or when i am in love or when i learned a new lesson. and those are the moments that need to be documented.

well, i better start writing in my journal more often, esp when my life is going great. i wouldn't want a historian from 200 years from now find my journal and think that this is what a pinay is like in the post modern era.

fugg dat shit!

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