Friday, July 25, 2003

i dream of:
clean cool cotton sheets on a hot summer day

snow in colorado

sunday rides with the top down

or sitting behind him on the harley

sighing in my ear when he hugs me

victory encompassed in the eyes of a little girl

justice to my people

empowerment to the queens and their children in the motherisland

whispers of affirmations and hugs of support from gramma

cotton candy and lemonade, not necessarily together

midnight walks and long conversation under the moonlight

time to pick up prismacolor pens and color my world gorgeous

fingers walking on the spines of vinyl

the smell of an aerosol paint can accompanied by his fever for politics and the arts

eskimo kiss

an electric buzz

an electrifying kiss

my energy buzzing farther than a seven foot circumfence

and me centered...

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