Monday, May 12, 2003

"then have lots of sex", kat says

typical aries comment. ha!

i think i have entered my sexual peak early.yes, i am not even in my 30s yet and already, i can't get sex out of my head. imagine, trying to work, or trying to read a good book and visuals of me and **ahem** are going at it on the couch. (oh how flattered would he be if he only knew what i thought of him.)

anyways,even when i am deep prayer with God would these sabotaging thoughts come into my head. i would spend an hour praying because thirty minutes of it, i would be profusely apologizing to God for having these unpure thoughts. and the best part of it is, i can see Him laughing at me for battling sin right in front Him during our "us" time.

and i now understand and feel for the male species because they have been dealing with this predicament since they were 10! and where i have my sensitive spot neatly tucked in the folds of my flower, men have theirs like antennas, easily receptive to any sexual energy being thrown their way!

ugh... 8 more years of this sexual peak thing.. goodness gracious..."just have alot of sex then"...oh, give props to me; being a good girl is no easy feat. i need my recognition.

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