Monday, May 05, 2003

i feel smarter when i hear this girl think

vanessawithamg: tax cuts = more money for the rich = less money for government programs = opportunity for big business to privatize governmental programs = jobs. What's the problem with this picture? the privatization of programs paid for by the government will probably go to bush's circle of homies
vanessawithamg: and they will use any opportunity they have to make more profits.
vanessawithamg: monopolies
vanessawithamg: everyone will end up working for macdonalds or rupert murdoch.
vanessawithamg: i'm glad you're there alfie.. or else iwould be talking to myself
vanessawithamg: who says who will control how these programs are run.. atleast with the govt p-aying for it theres some semblance of democracy
vanessawithamg: you know how we'll see this..
vanessawithamg: privatization of jails.. where private companies can go to jails and pay for very very cheap labor.. slavery
vanessawithamg: privatization of health care .. you end up paying $20 for pills that make you forget your pain..
vanessawithamg: ey.. i'm sleeeeeeeeepy
vanessawithamg: these are all speculations tho
vanessawithamg: who knows how it'll all turn out
vanessawithamg: maybe we'll end up living in some crazy clean disney type world

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