Friday, May 23, 2003

3:38 pm

i am bored. i am bored and antsy. i want to run. i want to do somthing physical. i can't do this website anymore ( the one for work). i am purging out my anxieties as we speak. i would much rather talk to ryan about oasis lyrics, or numerology with vanessa, or tibi's law with kat. i would much rather walk on venice beach and burn sage. i would much rather face east on the rocks and meditate. the tapping of the keyboards are driving me mad. people are blasting some god awful music and i left my cds at home. i can smell the mango madness body splash that had opened in my backpack and spilled on my copy of celestine prophesy next to me. i am twisting in my chair now. i am doing cubicle callesthetics. now somebody passsed by my cubicle and they giggled. my cubicle is quite cozy by the way. chockful of art, pics, flyers, my drawings and paintings and toys that i know you would be jealous of but you don't express it. i got run dmc next to the right of me and g-force to the left of me. i also have a barrel man, facing the opening of my cubicle, ready to greet anybody who dares pick up his barrel.

i need stimuli. some one call me.. some one.. anybody. i want to hear your voice. i dont want to chat with you via cyber space any longer... two more hours to go.. blaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

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