Tuesday, May 27, 2003

10 things that kick ass this weekend
1. mocha malt frappacinos
2. ryan's and alex's bday party at the pig n' whistle
3. moonie's 80's themed bbq party
4. talking to miko for 2 hours on the phone like we did when we were in highschool
5. being called someone's angel =)
6. soy burgers at astroburger, mcdonald's and burger king
7. bambu and trifari tying the knot
8. kiwi's and jeanne's wedding invite designed with the tattoo pattern they both share!
9. hanging out with phloe for a whole day- caffiene, camouflage cargos, bright orange 70's halter top dress, nag champa, g-force jesus, adidas yoga shoes, sushi at kifune at venice, the legendary cute tattooed asian guy at the donut shop, and pharcyde was a great combination.
10. wendell did a kick ass show for aziatic rhythmz featuring ashkan, aka who knows, blue key coretet playing kick ass jazz with poetry and flows by e'ca, close1, i-grow, anoosh, rashaan, and taylur. wen fully took the radio station at a whole new level. PLUS, we broadcasted the show upstairs at the more plush studio! oh oh oh , AND photographer B PLUS called us to give us props and to offer his assistance! whut whut!

10 things that sucked ass this weekend
1. being lactose intolerant and drinking a venti mocha malt frappacino
2. the pig n' whistle was a magnet for j-z and nelly video rejects. (note: when wearing a macrome creme dress, please wear underwear... at least a thong would be nice. thank you.)
3. being spammed multiple emails on making your penis larger and to get my diploma online. i am a woman and i am already educated with a degree , thank you very much!
4. the veggie food is hella expensive. why??? it is tofu and veggies! how can it cost 9 bucks for each meal? damn.
5. i finally took the initiative to clean and feng shui my house. that is a good part. the bad part is, finding old things that bring back bad memories. uuuuugh. i also realize that i have waaaaaaay too much stuff and sorting it thru is mentally exhausting.
6. still haven't had time to watch matrix reloaded!
7. being addicted to dance dance friggin' revolution and having a dancebeat pad. my calves hurt. but then again, at least i am getting my cardio
8. the teeniebopper girls at sephora who cake on the makeup. ewww
9. shopping at the mall. omigod. is the torn up christina aguilera look in right now? sheesh. give me your clothes and five dollars and i will shred your damn clothes for you! i will save you 60 bucks.
10. not being trained to use the phones at the radio show. omigod! i feel so bad! we had so many calls and utaka and i had no damn clue as to how to put them on the air! but i met some interesting conversation with some folks nonetheless. i just wish i could get them on the air! hahahha

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