Sunday, March 16, 2003

today's letter is the letter P


thank you so much, to CARLIE, for the picture and the big-ups to poorhouse!

the drums of war are drumming louder
bush and blair has spoken today in a press conference. tomorrow is the day when we shall see if diplomacy shall work. the deadline has been set.

today, let us all pray and focus our hearts energy for peace, for resolution through diplomacy, for the friends and family in the military (believe it or not, no one wants peace more than the soldier. let them come home to family), for the thousands of iraqi people- men, women, and children, esp the children and for the unification of this nation thru complete knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. no more blind patriotism please.

i learn from my sister
the phone crackles ever so slightly. my sister was parked in a target parking lot while thirty-six miles away, i am laying in my bed, movie on pause. we were talking on the phone for more than 30 minutes about boys (well, guys. we are too old to be talking about boys.), school ( or in my case, work), art, and gossip.

the subject then turned towards sex. now, i know that many of you cringe to talk about something as intense as sex with a sibling but i would much rather have her talk to me about it than to turn to her friends.

upon talking to her, i noticed how she has a remarkable mature view on the subject. she isn't delusioned nor is she questioning the significance it is in a relationship. in fact, she decided to wait until the right one comes along and that she wanted to develop her spirituality and mind more.

i was so proud of her. i commented on how she was so strong and mature for her age and that she should wear her crown with dignity. i also asked where she adopted such canons and that when i was her age, i was still figuring things out when it came to sex.

"i learned it from you," she replied."i tell every body that i learn everything thru my big sister."

rewind back to when i was 18 and she was 9. i took her out to get some ice cream. i then started talking to her about life, and ultimately, about boys.

"guys will say ANYTHING to get in your pants, ana. they'll even say that they will love you. don't believe their bullshit."

ana remembered sinking in her seat, silently protesting in her head. ummm, why the hell are we talking about this. alfie, shut up.

but apparently, everything i said to her in that car ride stuck.

fast forward to the present.

"see, alfie! i listen! i remember everything you tell me." she said.

i didn't... but now i do. i remember that conversation. i remember even thinking ,"ohh, she is uncomfortable. but i don't care. she has to know..."

thanks ana, for reminding me.

that night, she taught me to remember. and that one obtains dignity thru humility. all praises due...

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