Thursday, March 20, 2003

today's letter is the letter "C"


thanks, ZOE, for the pic!!!

day 2 of the war
there is something so unnerving about waking up to war. my television wakes me up and the first thing i hear are sirens and bombs. dada, a buddhist monk from manila, told me that i should limit my stimulation in the morning; i should be in silence; speak none; smell none; taste none; think none. that the moment when i first wake up should be directed to God.

but there i am, cuddled in the warmth of my bed. at this point, i pray for a swift war. that the troops should come home and that iraq can rebuild. as i lay in bed and watch the visuals on tv, somewhere, a woman cries. somewhere, children are scared. somewhere, a wife prays. somewhere, someone's daughter misses her sargent mother. somewhere, an 20-year old soldier stands into battle. somewhere, an iraqi family sees their city turn into rubble. somewhere, somebody is plotting...

and that is what i am scared of.

it started. now when will it end?

on a lighter note

my buddy brian is trying to sell me!

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