Thursday, March 13, 2003

freewrite: whatever comes to my head in the next five minutes

people think i dip into too many things. its true. i admit. i do. but there is something inside me that is reawakened. something that has been yearning for something magical. its been this way for a few years now.

i dont really question alof of things. i normally just "do it." i fail. i succeed. sometimes i am still trying to figure it out.i want to experience EVERYTHING. it makes me a jill of all trades and maybe a master of none but you just dont know how much more fullfilled i am because i TRIED.

i really dont believe in failure. it is odd. or maybe i am not really scared of it. if you knew me about five years ago, i always tip toed into things (that is, if i can leave my comfort zone. now if i want to learn how to spin, i do it. or if i want to learn how to be a filmmaker, i do it. or if i want to paint, i do it. failing is when you are scared to fail or if you listen to people around you who say "no, i dont think that is right for you. you should not do it. stick what you know." (shit, if you dont know if it is right for you, how the hell would they know?"

i just want to encourage you all to dream big and to follow them. dont listen to your enemies (or even your friends) who don't support you in your endeavors because they have issues themselves on taking chances. encourage them too! whatever you do, do it to the best of your abilities and kick major ass. (( time's up))

on a somewhat related note:
couch pat told me some great advice about men..."they tell you, "don't be trippin'" on men. i say trip on them but keep raising the bar the next time." haha, oh the trials...

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