Monday, February 10, 2003

monday blaaaaaaaaahg

i am having lunch at my desk once again. i can't seem to get out of work. i can't help it. i did take a nice walk around the block. i needed the sun. i needed the air. i need to recoop from the weekend. bam did a great show at the martini lounge. the floor was packed and was really feeling what bambu had to say. he did this great rendition of jay-z's "girls, girls, girls" saying how he loved women of all color, whether they were activists, artists, educators. gives us hope that there are men who appreciate elevated sistas.

had a photoshoot with balagtasan collective. we needed to because we were being asked press kits. it was chaos. just try to get all us heads serious for pictures. yea right! those pics are going to posted up soon.

ashkan's bro ardeshir tabrizi has his art up that the Pilipino Workers Center at Historic Filipinotown. the reception was lovely. you all should check it out if you can! go to the poorhouse site and go to the news section for details.

what's in the water?
i don't know what it is but the past few days, but all the women in my life are going thru something with their men? i mean, there has got to be a breakdown in communication between all women and men around my cipher. ( except for dj and don- they on this different level hehehe). i try to give the best advice i can to my sistas, opening my heart to the God and letting Him lead my heart as i try to give them words of encouragement. in the meantime,i am trying to be tenderhearted but still stay strong in my own communication with the opposite sex. kat thinks there is something in the water.

kat was mentioning that there is this matriarchal society in africa where the women all bind together, hanging out all day, supporting each other. kind of like ladies-in-waiting to each other. and that the husband was merely looked at as breeding purposes. the men and the women do not intermingle on the daily.

as less complicated as that sounds, i may have to disagree. i love the dynamics a man and a woman has together, esp when their energies bring out the best in one another. i do believe that women should have their friends as well as the men should too but when it comes right down to it, that synergy is something that even the universe finds inspirational.

but shit, we gotta learn to talk to each other. hahaha!

flashback from the summer

the crew at Arts In Action

yes, that is a REAL UTERUS on the cross

me, phloe, and my lil sister,anna, with phloe's paintings

me, elijah carder of Sol Fest, and kat ( haha she blinked!)

kiwi, carlo, and bam... being silly

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