Wednesday, February 12, 2003

ok, i am back. i have been gone for the past day because i was home sick with the flu. i feel like i have been hit with a mack truck. i slept from monday night til 9am this morning straight (well, not counting the obligatory pee break from time to time.) i tested out my strength this morning to some buju banton. it's simple. if i can dance to "red rose" without a.)passing out b.) up-chucking or c.) get dizzy, then i am okay to go to work. blast my strong immune system! hahaha!

which is all good; i have alot of things to do. gotta finish my umpteen projects i was hired to do, write my script for my short film, finish my article for verbalisms magazine, paint, love my dog, friends, and family, you know... the usual stuff.

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